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App2sd Simple Move Installed App to SD Card

Now, the demand of android users becomes real even for Froyo and branded cell phones now support with app2sd, it is time to test apps that are a must-have for users with Froyo. Now, I start with an app that could simplify the move apps to your SD card to some friends!

List Feature Of App2sd
Since it is possible with Froyo now, partly to save certain apps on the SD card it takes also an app that allows you to. Originally, you can individually select each app at "Manage applications" and check whether you may or may not move the app to the SD card. This can be time consuming and tedious if you have a hundred apps on his phone. I have to admit when I have installed Froyo, I did just that. I sat in the train and checked each app. When I then encountered app 2 SD, I was very pleased. Because with this app, it is possible to see the movable apps directly and then to move it. So, I've found two apps, which were escaped me and could save them even on the SD card.

How To use App2sd
The operation is very easy and simple and this also clearly laid out. The app is divided into two different parts: "On Phone" and "SD card". One each in the top bar between these two sections can toggle. As soon as app an app on your phone has found 2 SD, which can be moved to the SD card, it appears under the heading "On Phone". Now, you can see an icon with the name of the app and its size. Clicking on the icon is enough to move this app to the SD card and you will be redirected directly to the application settings: "Settings-> applications-> manage-> selected app". Thus must one only on the button "on SD card move" click and already is the app to the SD card.

move apps to sd card with app2sd

For more guide on how to use app2sd go here : move apps to sd card with app2sd
Download app2sd from play store

The advantage of the app is that you each time, when you install an update, must go through each app to check, if you can save it to the SD card. This task assumes app 2 SD for you now.

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