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Guide How to install Sky Go Android app on Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and 2 Notes Notes

November 28, 2012 day will be remembered by fans and pay TV platform android better known to the world, Sky Go, as one of the most important. After you have reviewed the agreement with the note paid broadcaster, Samsung had issued a press release in which it was specified that the Sky Go application useful to make that a regular subscriber to the issuer can take advantage of numerous vision sky channels on your device, extended the list of compatible devices with the same. In addition to the known Galaxy Tab and 8.9 10.1 where the sky app go had already fully compatible, now it is also for other four known top Samsung home range. Where does the sky go now for android? Now the application is also compatible for owners of a Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S2 S3, notes and Notes 2. In this Guide we will explain how to install the new application of Sky Go (Rev. November 29, 2012 's 1.4.1) on these devices very much in vogue among android fans.
install Sky Go Android app on Galaxy S2

Why Sky Go isn't for all owners of a smartphone or android tablet?

Unlike on iOS, when Sky Italy didn't find agreements with all brands that use the S.O. of toy robot. While for iPad and iPhone, the path is leaner in that Sky must tighten the deal only with "Apple", it is easy to understand that on android's speech is much more complex and also requires more time. For the moment we have an agreement between Samsung and Sky to the main top range, listed below.
What are all the android-enabled devices (as of today) and compatible with the Sky Go?

In addition to the already known device on which some time ago it was possible to see Sky and namely Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi 8.9, today this is possible even on Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Galaxy notes and Notes 2. Below is a list with the respective specific models (in red) that are compatible with the application (a total of 6).
  • Galaxy Notes II (GT-N7105)
  • Galaxy S (GT-I9305)
  • Galaxy Notes II (GT-N7100)
  • Galaxy S (GT-I9300)
  • Galaxy Notes (GT-N7000)
  • Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)

How to install the new app sky go on galaxy s3, s2, 2 notes and notes?

To install sky go app on galaxy s3, galaxy s2 and galaxy note
  1. First of all you must register on the site of Sky Italy through this link register skygo italy.
  2. Then you have to go here and activate the option for your smartphone SkyGo.
  3. Then you can just install the application on your smartphone and connect it with the customer codes secrets from you in possession and obtained in the previous points. Below we specify the address of the app.

Where you can download the new application Sky Go? It's on Google Playstore?

Anyone who wants to download the new Sky Go app compatible with the device that this guide, MUST DOWNLOAD IT for what the farza Samsung Apps, at THIS ADDRESS. At the moment it is not present on the PlayStore, but does not exclude a posteriori that "tomorrow" may be inserted in the official store toy robot.

Which customers can enjoy Sky Sky Go and at what price?
Sky currently specifies that the fruzione help is free service to all its customers regularly subscribers. For each further development there we return to FAQ Sky marshals.

Which and how many channels you can watch with the new Sky Go for android?
With the app you can benefit, at present, no less than 28 thematic channels including sports, football, news, shows, TV series, documentaries, children's programming and art. The number of channels is expected to increase.
Specifications of the new app, screen, various and conclusions

This new application works only on models above, and with Android Ice Scream Sandwich 4.0 or higher. With other rev. the android app will not work. The weight of the JPA is 5.87 MB and is listed in entertainment category "for all ages" in Samsung Apps. Before you drop a few screenshots of the new skygo, we repeat that if you are android device owners other than mentioned above, at the moment you can't use any kind of skygo. If you have a Galaxy Tab WI-FI or 10.1 8.9, I would refer you to THIS GUIDE, which explains how to successfully install Sky Go in these tablets. We look forward to your feedback. Good vision at all!

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