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Firefox 19 version comes with many new features

Mozilla firefox for android arrived last night with firefox 19 version which isone of the most popular browser on Android and beyond.
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The News are many, we see immediately the official changelog :
  • NEW: Added theme support.
  • NEW: Support for Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese localizations.
  • CHANGED: Lowered minimum CPU requirement to 600 MHz.
  • CHANGED: Canvas elements can export their content as an image blob using canvas. toBlob ().
  • HTML5: CSS @ page is now supported.
  • HTML5: CSS viewport-percentage length units implemented (vh, vw, vmax and vmin).
  • HTML5: text-transform CSS now supports full-width.
  • FIXED: Certain valid WebGL drawing operations are incorrectly rejected, leaving incomplete affected rendering pages (825205).
  • FIXED: backspace Holding may delete text both in front of and behind the cursor (770291).
To change the theme simply go to the following LINK directly from Firefox and choose what you like best, then tap on Add to Firefox and the theme will be applied.
Firefox 19 version update for android
We advise you to activate the function that allows to adapt the text to the screen during zooming (for example function on Opera Browser and many Stock Htc). To activate it you just enter in the Firefox Settings and put the check mark on Redraw text after zoom .
firefox update for android

Android app on Google Play 
Now you can enjoy latest version of most popular browser for android, it is firefox 19 version. which is completed with many new features.

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