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How to root Xperia Z with bin4ry tool

A guide that explains how to get the root permissions to Sony Xperia Z with a little tool to use via Terminal written by Bin4ry and Goroh_Kun two XDA developers.
get root permission on Xperia Z
For several days is possible thanks to XDA developers obtain root permissions to Sony Xperia Z one of thesmartphones of the moment that is proving a success throughout Europe, the root permissions will allow you to get the highest privilege on your device and then personalize even more extreme your smartphone.
Let's say that the following procedure is recommended as always to those type of users that already have familiarity with this kind of sound procedures and that then what they're doing, of course, as always we we assume no responsibility for any malfunctions that may occur after these steps , and then proceed at your own riskalso remember that this type of procedure may invalidate your guarantee, said this to those of you who already has previous experience now serves no purpose other than keep reading this article to find out How to obtain root permissions to Sony Xperia Z.
As we have already mentioned this little tool created by users and developers at XDA Bin4ry andGoroh_Kun is executable to the Windows platform and through the Terminal (CMD or DOS Prompt) and does nothing but install a Fake file Backup in order to "Pierce" on your device and get these root permissions, the following procedure also applies to different smartphone not only Sony as Xperia ZP, Xperia, Xperia's but also to many others and other brands, as you understand it a very complete and well done for a complete list of smartphones and tablets, I refer you to the official thread on XDA, but now concetriamoci on the Guide:
-Computer with Windows operating system and Sony Xperia Z
-Download the tool Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v21
-Download the driver file for Xperia Z install PC Companion
-Application & Sony Restore Backup
-Insert the check "USB debugging" by going into settings-> options-> debugging USB developer and "unknown sources" in settings-> Security-> unknown origins
-Make a backup from the data won't be necessary because the procedure will not go to no wipe but for safety we recommend it anyway.
-Install the Backup & Restore application if you have not installed the APK file uploading via SD or phone
-Install PC Companion to install device drivers
-Extract the contents of Bin4ry package and place the folder on your desktop for convenience
-Now open the command prompt by going to start-> all programs-> Accessories-> command prompt and run it as administrator
Bin4ry xperia z
-Now open the folder on your desktop you should see two files and copy the folder path that you type "C:\Root v21"
-Return to the command prompt and write "CD " (space) and paste the previously copied path (C\Root v21) and hit enter just as in figure above
-Now make sure your device has been recognized, from command prompt type "stuff\adb devices" and press ENTER, you should see your device in the list, if it does not appear it means that something has gone wrong check drivers, USB cable or USB port
-If the device has been detected you can now type "runme" and press ENTER, this will start the tool in order toobtain root permissions, just as in the figure below
Root on Xperia Z
-At this point, you have to do is choose one of the options in your case will be "3" and press enter
-Now after that you will have created a Fake up and at this point you will need to click any button on the command prompt, and then you will be asked to send the phone in Service test- do it
-Wait for the restore operation of the phone

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At this point you'll have to wait for about 2 minutes and then on reboot you will find among your SuperSu apps and then you have root permissions for your Sony Xperia Z, congratulations!

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