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How To Root LG Optimus Black P970 With Easy Way

Here we are today with even a complete root guide, that will make it possible now to the various holders of the "reborn" LG Optimus Black P970, making the classic steps to install custom ROMs, which to date for this device really brings many improvements, especially with regard to fluidity.

As we always do we will divide the Guide into steps so that you can follow everything in a clear and simple to accomplish all this without doing any harm, at least with regard to the software.
Let's move on to the next section.

Everything you need you'll find in this section here will all requirements that you have to be to move forward with the leadership and thus to acquire Root permissions and then instal the CWM — the Recovery changed.
First, we will need the UnlockRoot program now fully supports many Android device, even with the latest Rom that manufacturers are releasing whether they are based on Ice Cream Sandwich, whether they are based on Jelly beans.

Download UnlockRoot
Once obtained the Root permissions, just download from Play classic Roms Store Manager and from there you will be able to install the ClockWorkMod Recovery, here is the download link:

Download Rom Manager
We must not forget the classic driver to recognize your smartphone to your PC and are using basic UnlockRoot program, here's how the link to download:

Download Driver LG Optimus Black
These are the must haves you'll need in order to successfully install everything on your Optimus Black, now let's move on to the actual installation.

Tutorial Root LG OPTIMUS P970

tutorial-Root-on-LG-optimus black

Now first we obtain Root permissions regarding the device in question.

  1. The first thing to do is installing drivers that will allow us to use without any problem the program UnlockRoot.
  2. After this step we can proceed with the download of UnlockRoot which will initiate the process to get the Root.
  3. Now on your device you will need to enable the "Debug" function, which will be represented by a top Android notification bar when you insert your device into the USB port.
  4. After you start the program and on the left you will find the voice says "Root", click on them after choosing the version of the operating system will start the proceedings.
  5. Everything will end with a restart of the device and installing the application SuperUser.
  6. Now we have got the Root permissions will dedicate us to now just as simple to install the Recovery operation.
today we have successfully completed the procedure for root lg optimus black p970. Now after root you can install custom rom you want and you can try the most popular custom rom such as cyanogenmod 10. Read How to flash cyanogenmod 10 on lg optimus black

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