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How To Install CWM RECOVERY On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

In the night I mounted the Omega V 6.0 on my new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and to succeed in flash you must necessarily have a Recovery.

Step directly to the point, showing the Guide for installation of CWM developed by Chenglu, developer on the Xda forums known. The guide was tested on my COURSE Notes 2 and thus is fully functional. I have installed only the Recovery without making the Root, since the latter is then done automatically as soon as you install a Custom Rom.

Along with the Update of the Galaxy S3, Samsung is releasing Galaxy Note 2(BUT DO NOT HAVE OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION) always branded Vodafone (should be "Version Build" LL4). Unfortunately in this case we have not yet entered into possession of some official Screenshots and if you have a Vodafone branded galaxy Note 2 do not hesitate to contact us to confirm the quick report that I received this morning.

How To FLASH CMW for N7100

  1. Download Odin 3.07 : download odin 3.0.7
  2. Download the .tar of CWM at THIS Link 
  3. Open (as an administrator) Odin 3.07
  4. Leave everything as is, add only the .tar File you downloaded in step 2 in the section PDA
  5. Start the Galaxy 2 Notes in Download Mode (Power + Home + Volume Up)
  6. Connect the 2 Notes to the Pc, and see if Odin detects the device
  7. Press Start, and within seconds your Notes 2 will restart with the new Recovery
  8. Good Recovery! And if the article was useful, SHARE IT as well! Thanks Buddy!

Good Recovery! And if the article was useful, SHARE IT as well! Thanks Buddy!
i hope you can successfully install cwm N7100 on your galaxy note 2
source: how to install cwm on galaxy note 2

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